Blacklip Abalone (Live) Export

Blacklip Abalone (Live) Export Season 2020

鲍鱼出口季节 2020

Blacklip Abalone
Scientific Name - Haliotis rubra Category Code: FU0002 - AHECC: 03078100
科学名称 – 杨梅鲍 类别代码: FU0002 - AHECC: 03078100
Blacklip Abalone Bottom
Blacklip Abalone Bottom

General Information

  • The BlackLip Abalone is commercially harvested sustainabily from clean Australian waters
  • Grading 300-400gm with 10-13 pieces per 6kg tray
  • Packed in 6kg baskets 2 baskets per polystyrene export box. Box total 12kg
  • Allow overpack per box to cover drip loss
  • We have no mortality claims from any customers
  • Minimum order requirement 240kg per shipment
  • Full payment required prior to shipment


  • BlackLip Abalone可从澳大利亚清洁水域维持商业化收获
  • 分级300-400gm,每6kg托盘10-13个
  • 每袋聚苯乙烯出口盒装6公斤篮子2个篮子。箱总共12kg
  • 允许每箱包装以覆盖滴水损失
  • 我们没有任何客户的死亡率索赔
  • 最低订购要求240kg /件
  • 出货前需要全额支付