Giant Queensland Grouper

Queensland Giant Grouper Export Season 2020

昆士兰巨大石斑鱼季节 2020

Giant Queensland Grouper
Scientific Name - Epinephelus Lanceolatus Category Code: FC0902 - AHECC: 03021902
鲶科鱼 – 大西洋鲑 类别代码:FC0902 - AHECC: 03021902

Queensland Giant Grouper

Looking for a premium quality white fish for Chinese New Year? Incredible Queensland Giant Grouper from Australia...

The fresh seafood delicacy your customers have been waiting for!

Queensland Giant Groper are protected in Australia but one company is allowed to breed wild from wild brrodstock and farm Queensland Giant Grouper commercially.

The fish are bred in a modern hatchery in Cairns, far north Queensland and then grown to harvest size in earthern ponds fed with pristine saltwater straight from the Coral Sea.

Harvested twice weekly the fish are chilled to 0 degrees celcius and shipped whole, fresh on ice by road and air within Australia and by air to South East Asia.


  1. Flesh is white, firm & moist
  2. Delicious delicate flavour
  3. Skin wonderfully elastic
  4. Perfect for steaming or pan fry
  5. Prized by restaurants in Australia and Asia

Product Specifications

  • Harvested to order
  • Grades 1 - 1.5 kg
  • Packed in 18 kg airline approved polystyrene, chilled, whole, iced.