Mullet Export

Mullet Export Season 2020

M鱼出口季节 2020

Scientific Name - Mugilidae Category Code: FF1040 - AHECC: 03028901

General Information

Australian Mullet is cought on the east coast of Australia commencing from lower south coast of Eden, when season first commences they have no roe content, they then work their way up the north Coast and roe in the females matures as they head up the north coast Season commences from early February till March and can extend into April

Packing Information

  • Mullet will be packed in 20 kg boxes, small, medium & large
  • Males will be packed separately
  • Females with roe will be packed separately and all grades included
  • We will pack around 800 boxes in 20ft container and around 1600 boxes in 40ft container


澳大利亚M鱼被捕在澳大利亚东海岸,从伊甸园的南部海岸开始。当第一季开始时,他们没有獐子的内容,然后他们在北海岸上工作,在女性成熟时,他们朝北海岸前进 季节从二月初至三月开始,可延长至四月份


  • M鱼将包装在20公斤箱,小,中,大
  • 男性将分开包装
  • 女儿与獐鹿将分开包装,所有成绩包括
  • 我们将在20英尺的集装箱和大约1600箱的40英尺集装箱中包装大约800箱