Ocean Jacket Export

Ocean Jacket Export Season 2020

海洋外套出口季节 2020

Ocean Jacket
Scientific Name - Nelusetta ayraudi Category Code: FC0099 - AHECC: 03038951
Ocean Jacket
Ocean Jacket in box

General Information

  • Australian Wild Caught Ocean Jackets
  • Product only supplied Headed & Gutted
  • Headed - Gutted - Skin Off - 9.8 kg Bulk Pack Cartons
  • Grades: 100-210gm 210-320gm 320-400gm 400-500gm 500-700gm

Other Names

Chinaman - Chinaman Letherjacket - Lether-Jacket - YellowJacket


Available wild caught, these marine fish are mainly found inshore near the sea bottom on the continental shelf and upper slope often near reefs and sponge beds to about 200m.

Ocean Jackets are by far the most valuable commercial Letherjacket, and are caught mainly in the Great Australian Bight in traps or by demersal trawlers.

Like all Letherjackets, they lack scales and have a distinctive skin that resembles fine sandpaper, a prominent, spiky first dorsal fin and very small mouths


  • 澳大利亚野生捕捞海洋夹克
  • 产品仅提供头针和内脏
  • 头部 - 内脏 - 皮肤 - 9.8公斤散装包装纸箱
  • 年级:100-210gm 210-320gm 320-400gm 400-500gm 500-700gm


中国人 - Chinaman Letherjacket - Lether-Jacket - YellowJacket