Orange Roughy Export

Orange Roughy Export Season 2020

澳大利亚红鱼出口季节 2020

Information is for China export only.


Orange Roughy
Scientific Name - Hoplostethus Atlanticus Category Code: FF0301 - AHECC: 03026909
科学名称 – 阿特兰提库斯燧鲷 类别代码:FF0301 - AHECC: 03026909

General Information

  • This year’s Orange Roughy season commences on the 1st of July 2019
  • Origin is Product of Australia, caught in Tasmanian waters
  • Customers will be required to take a mixed sizes from catch, majority in grades between 1000-1250gm & 1250-1500gm
  • We have available, a total of 160 tons this season


  • 今年的澳大利亚红鱼季节从2019年7月1日开始
  • 产品原产地是澳大利亚,从塔斯玛尼亚省水域捕获
  • 客户需要接受捕捉到的混合型号的产品, 主要型号是1000-1250克和1250-1500克
  • 这个季节我们共有160吨
Under 1000 gms
1000-1250 gms
1250-1500 gms
1500-1750 gms
1750-2000 gms
2000+ gms
Orange Roughy in a net
  • The total quota for the Australian fishery is a total of 365 tons, this is expected to be caught in 3-6 weeks and expecting around 300 tons to be exported to China & other countries
  • We are expecting to pack first containers the second week of July ready for export
  • Vessel will be unloaded within 10 hours of leaving catching grounds they are very close to our Tasmanian processing & packing facility
  • Our processing & packing export facility has the capability of freezing 60 ton a day
  • Majority fish sizes range between 1350-1650 gms.
  • Offer subject to all goods sold
  • 澳大利亚的总捕鱼配额是365吨,计划在3-6周捕获,其中大约300吨计划出口到中国和其它国家
  • 我们计划第一批集装箱在七月的第二个星期可以出口
  • 鱼船会在离开捕鱼海域10小时内卸货, 码头离我们塔斯玛尼亚省的处理和包装设施很近
  • 我们的出口处理和包装设施有每天冷冻60吨的能力
  • 多数的鱼的重量是1350-1650克
  • 发售需视乎所有出售商品
Orange Roughy on a boat
Orange Roughy
3 Orange Roughy

Processing & Packing

  • Product will be packed in 15kg random weight boxes with each fish individually wrapped in plastic bag, then soldier stacked in white cardboard box with plastic liner. No Glazing
  • We are packing 40ft containers with a net weight off around 24 tons; we are expecting to pack around 1,600 x 15kg boxes per container
  • We are also packing 20ft containers with a net weight off around 15 tons, we are packing around 1000 X 15kg boxes per container, we are only planning on packing 20 ft containers if we don’t have enough stock to pack 40ft container
  • We will also look at packing 20ft containers if customers are prepared to pay additional cost of transport & shipping


  • 产品包装是每盒15公斤,鱼的重量随机, 每条鱼独立包在塑料袋,然后严实地装在白色纸板箱加塑料封条。没有上釉
  • 我们用40英尺的集装箱,净重大约24吨;我们计划每个集装箱大约装1,600盒15公斤的产品
  • 我们还用20英尺的集装箱,净重大约15吨,每个集装箱大约装1000盒15公斤的产品,我们只计划在没有足够产品时才用20英尺的集装箱
  • 假如顾客愿意支付额外的交通和运输费用,我们也会考虑用20英尺的集装箱
Orange Roughy Packed For Export
Orange Roughy processing
Orange Roughy packing


Price are based on CNF, Major China ports.
Price are in US$ - Grades of under 1250 gms P.O.A
Price are in US$ - Grades of 1500-2000 gms P.O.A
Price are in US$ - Grades 2000+ gms P.O.A
  • Payment requirements: A deposit of 30% on placing order & balance is required to paid in full on presentation of packing list of container & full presentation of documents & bill of loading
  • Full irrevocable Letter of Credit in place prior season commencing

  • 价格

    美元价格 – 型号小于1250克 P.O.A
    美元价格 – 型号1500-2000克 P.O.A
    美元价格 – 型号大于2000克 P.O.A
    • 支付条件:订货时支付30%的订金,余款需在收到全部集装箱列表,全部文件和装载单时支付
    • 季节开始前需提供全面的不可撤销的信用证

      • Download Orange Roughy Presentation (2,21 mb)
      • 下载澳大利亚红鱼介绍 (2,21 mb)