Packing Information

Export Approved Packing Facility

JD's Seafood is a goverment accredited export approved packing facility. We follow a strict Code of Conduct when receiving and dispatching product ensuring all goverment guidelines are met.

We are capable of packing large volumes of product at our warehouse in Marrickville situated central to Sydney Fish Markets and Mascot Airport and we have space to hold up to 50 pallets in our freezer.

Air Freight - Polyfoam Boxes

When packing product for air freight we predominatly use airline approved polyfoam boxes. We are able to source them in a range of sizes holding anything from 5kg to 20kg each. An absorber pad is placed into the box then an export approved plastic liner. Once the product is in the liner is sealed and sufficent ice packs are placed on top to keep the product cold.

Air Freight - AKE/AVE Containers

We also specialize in packing larger volumes of product for clients who still require it to be exported by air. To do this we purpose pack AKE/AVE with either one single product or a range of products depending on their requirements.

On average we are capable of packing 52 of the large polyfoam boxes into an AKE/AVE.

AKE/AVE General Information
Length 201cm
Width 154cm
Height 163cm
Max Gross Weight 1588kg
Volume 4.8m3

Sea Freight - 20ft Reefer Containers

20ft Reefer Container - General Information
Tare Weight 3080kg
Payload Capacity 27,400kg
Cubic Capacity 28.3m3
Internal Length 5.44m
Internal Width 2.29m
Internal Height 2.27m
Door Opening Width 2.23m
Door Opening Height 2.10m

Sea Freight - 40ft Reefer Containers

40ft Reefer Container - General Information
Tare Weight 4800kg
Payload Capacity 27,700kg
Cubic Capacity 59.3m3
Internal Length 11.56m
Internal Width 2.28m
Internal Height 2.25m
Door Opening Width 2.29m
Door Opening Height 2.26m