Ribbon Fish Export

Ribbon Fish Export Season 2020

丝带鱼 2020

Ribbon Fish
Scientific Name - Lepidopus caudatus Category Code: FC1472 - AHECC: 03028901
Ribbon Fish Packed

General Information

  • Australian Wild Caught Ribbon Fish
  • Bycatch of demersal trawling and droplining operations in South Eastern Australia

Other Names

Frostfish - Souhtern Frostfish


Large oceanic fishes with brilliant silvery skin and bright red fins. Southern Ribbonfish have a long, compressed body that tapers to a very narrow tail base, large eyes, a large very protrusible mouth, and a long-based dorsal fin extending from the top of head with a high crest at the front in young.

Juveniles have a large red caudal fin, and long, fan-like pelvic fins that reduce with growth to become small tubercles in adults. They also have several large black blotches or spots on the side: usually 3-4 above the lateral line, and 1-2 below.


  • 澳大利亚狂放的捉住的丝带鱼
  • 在澳大利亚东南部的兼捕拖网和拖船作业的兼捕


Frostfish - Souhtern Frostfish