Salmon Grading Information

Salmon Description

Scientific Name - Salmo salar

Atlantic and Chinook salmon are the largest salmon. After two years at sea they average 71 to 76 cm in length and 3.6 to 5.4 kg in weight. But specimens can be much larger. An Atlantic salmon netted in 1960 in Scotland, in the estuary of the river Hope, was recorded as weighing 49.44 kg, while another netted in 1925 in Norway was recorded at 160.65 cm in length..

The colouration of young Atlantic salmon does not resemble their adult stage. While they live in freshwater, they have blue and red spots. While they mature, they take on a silver-blue sheen. When adult, the easiest way of identifying them is by the black spots predominantly above the lateral line, although the caudal fin is usually unspotted. When they reproduce, males take on a slight green or red colouration. The salmon has a fusiform body, and well-developed teeth. All fins, save the adipose, are bordered with black.