Squid Tubes Export

Squid Tubes Export Season 2020

鱿鱼管出口季节 2020

Squid Tubes
Scientific Name - Sepioteuthis australis Category Code: FC0925 - AHECC: 03074200
Squid on scale
2 Squids on scale
CLose up on 2 squid
Squid being measured
Squid packed
Squid packed again

General Information

  • Catching now Tasmanian Squid Tubes
  • Grading: Run of catch mixed grading 400-700g
  • Packed 16 kg nett weight. Over pack allowance

Other Names


They are mainly caught by jigging (using lights to attract them to the water’s surface at night), but also as bycatch in tunnel nets, trawling, inshore haul nets and beach seines.

‘Calamari’ is the Italian word for ‘squids’, but it also refers to those species of squids whose side fins run the full length of their bodies as opposed to those with relatively shorter side fins.


  • 现在捕捉塔斯马尼亚鱿鱼管
  • 评分:运行混合分级400-700克
  • 包装16公斤净重。超过包装津贴


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