JD's Seafood Business Model for 2016

Marketing Stratergies

JD's has implemented three global marketing strategies.

  1. The first mover advantage, as an export contract packager of premium-quality fresh Australian seafood is the key to the strategy. No other business provides contract-packing services in Australia to allow access to the global market for Australian seafood. The major ports that we export to are: Frankfurt, Rome, Dubai, Tahiti, Bali, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong and Singapore and we are listed with Austrade, SeaEx and Global Sources and this has assisted with business development. Branding of polystyrene cartons has also been a key advantage in the visibility of the service at overseas ports.
  2. Word of mouth is the major marketing experience about the service and quality of product and ease of accessing Australian product and has seen exports grow exponentially in the first year of operations.
  3. Having the highly regarded EU (European Union) authorization and the highest AQIS (Australian Quarantine Inspection Services) rating supports the JD's Seafood Export Contractors position of the best quality, reliability and price.

Brand Development

The JD's Seafood Export Contractors brand is being built on a key competitive advantage of integrity of product quality and satisfying customers' expectations.

The brand is enhanced with strong communication and partnering between the Australian producers and the export markets. This is managed with a dedicated Export Manager and the entrepreneurial skill of the Managing Director and company owner and his long and trusted reputation in the seafood industry.

Company Planning

JD’s Seafood Export Contractors has just completed its seconed financial year of trading and it has grown beyond expectations.

The Owner has recognized that the future of the business requires an even higher level of planning than required for the first year. To ensure the business is well supported JD’s Seafood Export Contractors has engaged the services of a Department of State and Regional Development registered Consultancy to support the development and implementation of a new Business Plan out to 2007.

Supply Chain

Supply Chains are recognized as the key to the business, without them there is no business.

There is a partnership relationship with the five key areas of product, producers ie farmers/agribusinesses and fisherman, processors, their facilities and wholesalers. They are partnered for a long-term relationship and has been established and is maintained with daily communication for product supply reliability, consistency, and regularity and premium quality.

The second area for partnering suppliers is in negotiated price consistency and this is built on a the reliability of moving product and demonstrating JD’s Seafood Export Contractors value and premium position as a contract packer and exporter of fresh chilled Australian seafood.

In addition there are five key drivers to a strong supply chain that JD’s Seafood Export Contractors hold as immutable values and principles:

  1. pay accounts on time
  2. have a highly experienced and dedicated Export Manager
  3. have a passionate, dedicated and loyal team to do what it takes for our customers
  4. create partnership with suppliers as the source of the busines and
  5. provide a unique service so that companies can expand the product range to include fresh Australian seafood for those already exporting and companies not already exporting are enabled to commence.

Competitive Advantage

This is sustained with four key components:

  1. the drive to formalise regular supply chains and as JD’s Seafood Export Contractors is the first to market with a niche product packaging facility and complete offer, the supply chains are very keen to ensure this advantage also.
  2. secondly, price consistency provides a competitiveness that is not comparable and this is built from the above and the niche positioning and dedication to premium quality product.
  3. third, are the diversity and uniqueness of the product lines and range that JD’s Seafood Export Contractors can source, Supply is not predicated on a single species, but a strong and broad premium range of species that are otherwise not readily and price cost-effectively available.
  4. finally, JD’s Seafood Export Contractors is known for being ahead of the trends, in fact creating trends as well as being innovative and proactive in product and packaging.

This has seen the market come to JD’s Seafood Export Contractors proving that the niche is in demand and in fact there is no other facility operating here. JD’s Seafood Export Contractors has a first mover advantage as export contract packager of premium quality fresh Australian seafood.

Advanced Technology

JD's Seafood Export Contractors has a state of the art export facility that has 100% compliance with the Food Processing Accreditation and an A+ rating with AQIS.

The next advance is the new modified atmosphere technology, which will enable the expansion of the range of fresh fish exported, and the technology itself delivers a superior shelf life of fresh fish without compromising quality, colour and texture.

Financial Management

JD's Seafood Export Contractors operates a fully computerised accounting system with a full time accounts staff member.

JD’s is in the process of implementing export credit insurance. New exchange rate management strategies and system is being set-up with a specialized forward buying operation recommended by the Bank. Most of JD’s Seafood Export Contractors’ transactions are in AUD, with some clients requiring billing in USD.

Quality Assurance

JD's Seafood Export Contractors is audited by two independent organisations for monthly water testing with Independent Monitoring Consultants, and product and facilities testing and processes with AQIS. It has rated consistently over the past 12 months with the top A+ rating.

JD’s also has stringent processes to ensure its EU Authority is maintained enabling export into the EU. The EU Authority is a highly sort after attestment to quality assurance.

Each consignment of product is stringently monitored for temperature, bacteria, product size and all other specifications. Product is not accepted and therefore not packaged which has not passed the QA tests. This way JD’s to ensures its packaged product will land at its destination exactly as specified and expected.

JD's Seafood Export Contractors Guarantees it's customers that product is delivered as per the specification in size, quality and temperature.