Sydney Rock Oysters Export

Sydney Rock Oysters Season 2020

悉尼岩牡蛎季节 2020

Squid Tubes
Scientific Name - Saccostrea glomerata Category Code: FU0054 - AHECC: 03071901
Western Australian Marron
Western Australian MArron In Grading Tub
Western Australian Marron Holding Tanks

General Information

  • Locally caught in Western Australia
  • Grading Information Below
  • Packed 10 kg nett weight. Over pack allowance

Other Names

Crayfish - Yabbies


Two types are found in WA: hairy marron (Cherax tenuimanus) and smooth marron (Cherax cainii).

Smooth marron are found in most south-west rivers and dams. They are what most marroners have seen and captured, and are the farmed aquaculture species.

Hairy marron are listed as critically endangered and only found in the upper reaches of Margaret River. (The head and sometimes tail (of larger marron) are covered in short hairs.)


  • 本地在西澳大利亚州发现
  • 在下面评分信息
  • 包装10公斤净重.超过包装津贴


小龙虾 - Yabbies


WA有两种类型:毛茸mar Che(Cherax tenuimanus)和光滑马ron(Cherax cainii).


毛茸茸的马龙被列为极度濒危物种,仅在玛格丽特河上游发现. (头发,有时尾巴(较大的马龙)被短发覆盖.)

Grading Price Quantity
130-160gm $52 per/kg 6-7 Marron
160-200gm $54 per/kg 5-7 Marron
200-250gm $56 per/kg 4-5 Marron
250-300gm $57 per/kg Approx 4
300-400gm $59 per/kg Approx 3
400-500gm $60 per/kg Approx 2
500gm + $61 per/kg Approx 2
Grading 2 Price
Small - 130-300gm $49 per/kg
Large - 300-500gm $51 per/kg