Southern Bluefin Tuna Export

Southern Bluefin Tuna Export Season 2020


SBT Tuna
Scientific Name - Thunnus Maccoyii Category Code: FC0125 - AHECC: 03023600

General Information

  • This year’s Southern Bluefin Tuna season commences at the beginning of July 2016
  • Origin is Product of Australia, caught along the east coast of Australia
  • Tuna sizes range from 25kg to 120kg with the average Tuna size between 40-60kg.
  • Tuna are delivered to our processing facility straight from the boat. We receive in the afternoon process and have ready for export and on a plane the following morning.
Tuna Processing
Tuna Processing
120kg Tuna

Processing & Packing

  • Upon receival Tuna are processed (cleaned and iced) then place into re-inforced cardboard coffins. They are chilled down then loaded into AVE ready for delivery to airport.
  • Approximate fish weight per AVE is 1000kg.
  • Tuna are processed and delivered to airport same day as arrival to our processing facility or if received late at night then the next morning.
  • All fresh/chilled SBT Tunais supplied Gilled and Gutted.
Tuna Packed For Export
Tuna In Coffin
Tuna Fully Packed In Coffin


Tuna Price per kg P.O.A
Health Certificate $150
Certificate of Australian Origin $100